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War of Words

"War of Words" recently finished scoring at Threadless.

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The Gift

"The Gift" won the contest for The One Percent Foundation and is available to purchase here.

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"SouthBound" was printed as a daily at shirt.woot.com.

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Spare Time

The dual "The Spare Time" shirts were submitted to Goodjoe's "Laugh a Little" contest. TV Reading and Book Veggin' Out

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Tick-Tack-Toe thumbnail image


"Tick-Tack-Toe" is now available for sale at Goodjoe.

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Showers thumbnail image


"Showers" was submitted to Goodjoe's Good vs. Evil contest.

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The Amazing Spectro

"The Amazing Spectro" is available to buy at Goodjoe. I was charged with creating an animal superhero and this is what I came up with.

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The Sands of Playtime thumbnail image

The Sands of Playtime

"The Sands of Playtime" was submitted to Goodjoe last summer. This is still looking for a home.

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The Great Discovery thumbnail image

The Great Discovery

"The Great Discovery" was submitted to Threadless last summer and is looking for a home.

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Learning the Basics

"Learning the Basics" was submitted to Threadless and scored a 3.22.

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